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Cursed Part of the Voodoo Anthology

A Film by Thomas Schroeder | Written by Amanda Heady

Voodoo Digital Media is putting together a Horror Anthology. This film is a spec short used to raise funds for the feature film. Originally slated for production in Los Angeles the outrageous costs stifled creativity and Thomas Schroeder, production lead and concept creator, had to sideline the project. Now relocated to Phoenix, reasonable costs have reopened the door and the project is moving forward. Scheduled as an ongoing, multi-year effort if you don’t make it into this part of the anthology there’s a good chance you’ll be in the next. Please come to audition even if you are new to acting, being in front of the camera is your greatest opportunity to learn!


Loosely based on the legend of La LLorona, “Cursed” is a tale revolving around a woman, “Rona” who falls in love with a man.  Their relationship was progressing nicely until the man expressed his desire to not have any children.  Scared her lover would find out she had a daughter, Rona disposes of her by drowning her in the lake only to be abandoned by her lover when he finds out.  This leads Rona to take her own life in a similar fashion.  Her ghost now searches for the man who left her and the child whose life she foolishly destroyed.  Those who get in her way or do not offer to help are often never seen again.

We will be filming over two nights split into two weekends.  Film one Friday night and then the following Friday night. If needed the following weekend will be used for pickups.

Our Cast

Amanda Heady


Heartsick lover who takes her daughter’s life to try to have the life she wants with her lover. He doesn’t see it that way and abandons her, leading her to take her own life. Miserable with what she’s done and furious with her lover, she haunts the lake she took her daughter’s life in and can be found trying to get a ride to the nearest courthouse. Legend has it that Rona will take the life of those who do not aid her in her search of her lost love.

Wayne Lundy


The love of Rona. He and Rona are in love, but is adamant about not having kids. When he finds out Rona lied to him about having a daughter (and murdering said daughter) he abandons her. He blames himself for how his relationship spun out of control, especially after he finds that Rona took her own life. He suffers from nightmares of Rona continually haunting him.



Male - (late teens early twenties) Typical Jock type character who thinks of himself as the “Alpha”. In a lustful relationship with his girlfriend VERONICA. Plays by his own set of rules and is very egotistical. Starts telling ghost stories around the campfire to get his friends riled up.



Female - (late teens early twenties) Girlfriend to Trent. Typical Arm-Candy. She is very into Trent and follows his lead on everything and agrees to all his wishes.



Male (late teens early twenties) Trent’s buddy that tends to just go along with everything. Pretty low-key and will speak his mind on occasion, but still tends to follow Trent’s lead.



Female - (late teens early twenties)Jeff’s girlfriend. Similar to Jeff in the sense of just going along with everything. Tends to follow whatever Jeff does. Idolizes Trent and Veronica.



Mike - (late teens early twenties) Friend of Trent and Jeff. Friends set him up with Sarah for the evening. Awkward flirty around Sarah; still tries to look macho in front of his friends.



Female (late teens early twenties) Friend of Cassie. Friends set her up with Mike for the evening. She goes along with Mike’s advances, trying to look cool in the eyes of the others.



Female - (under 10 years old) Daughter of Rona: Ends up getting drowned by mother, “Rona”



Female - (under 10 years old) Daughter of Rona: Ends up getting drowned by mother, “Rona”


Female Parked in Car

Female - (late teens early twenties) Opening scene a couple is parked in a car necking and killed by Rona.


Male Parked in Car

Male - (late teens early twenties) Opening scene a couple is parked in a car necking and killed by Rona.

Interested in Working on the Crew?

If you are interested in working on the crew, experienced or not, drop us a line.
I'd love to work on the film crew